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Golovkin prediction

The First Class Boxing team take a look at this Saturday nights world title fight between Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin and Curtis 'Showtime' Stevens, and give our predictions. Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page, or tweet us @firstclassbox if you agree or disagree.

Golovkin Vs. Stevens

Andrew McCart: This Saturday nights world title fight between Golovkin and Stevens, is a fight that will be exciting and entertaining for fans for however long it lasts.

Golovkin will let Stevens taste the power in the early rounds before stopping him between rounds 4-6. I don't want to break down the fight as to how I think it will go, as you all have seen Golovkin fight and this fight will end the same as 24 of his 27 bouts, by knockout.

Within a year Golovkin will be top five on everyone's pound-for-pound list.

Prediction: Golovin by mid-round KO

Paul Webb: How do you solve a problem like Gennady Golovkin? The unbeaten Kazakh has built up a record of 27-0 with only three of his opponents making the distance. For me what makes Golovkin special isn't solely his punching power, as incredible as that is, what impresses me most is the way he uses his feet to cut of the ring like no middleweight I have ever seen.

Against Macklin he made the squared circle look like a postage stamp as he stalked his opponent having him exactly where he wanted before ending it with what will surely be a contender for KO of the year.

He is such a talent that finding opposition that will one, give him a solid test and two, get in the ring in the first place has been a real challenge but with HBO money available they managed to find someone willing to take the challenge. Curtis Stevens is just the right side of arrogant and despite his less than perfect record will go in to the fight with no fear believing he has the tools to cause Gennady problems.

Stevens doesn't have the boxing skill to compete with Gennady and if he stands and trades it could be a very early night. I think Golovkin ends it in the middle rounds after Stevens takes sustained punishment. It won't be a competitive fight but you can bet Stevens won't run so it has all the hallmarks of a tasty scrap whilst it lasts

Prediction: Golovkin KO

Dallas Orysiuk: Gennady "GGG" Golovkin has dominated everyone who has stepped into the ring with him. I do not see the showdown with Curtis "Showtime" Stevens being any different.

Curtis Stevens has power... but so does Golovkin. The difference is that Golovkin has a prolific amateur background, has faced better opposition as a pro and has a strong foundation of boxing skills. If Stevens comes into the ring fearless like the way he has been acting, then it will be an interesting fight and it will be interesting to see how Golovkin adapts to an aggressive power puncher. But this may also result in a short night and another KO for GGG.

I see Stevens coming out aggressive, Golovkin maintaining his composure and tagging him in return with some heavy firepower. By rounds 3 or 4, Stevens will begin to back off, fighting cautiously. When this takes place Golovkin will apply fluid pressure and break him down, finishing the man known as Showtime in the mid to late rounds.

Prediction: Golovkin by mid-round TKO/KO

Sean Spence: Golovkin vs Stevens is a fight that should excite most fans. Two world class punchers promising to decapitate eachother sounds explosive enough but sadly this is gonna end in the same way GGGs fights will always end - his hands raised in the air as his opponent is crumpled in a heap on the other side of the ring. Stevens has convinced alot of people he deserves this shot after coming off knockout wins over modest opponents but Golovkin is a completely different kettle of fish. Stevens will definitely come to fight and you better believe he thinks he can ko Golovkin but his efforts will prove futile and I don't see this going past 5 rounds. Truth is, Stevens doesn't belong at this level and he's only going to reiterate what a wrecking ball Golovkin is on Saturday night.

Prediction: Golovkin early KO

Andrew Graves: This upcoming weekend devastating puncher Gennady Golovkin puts his WBA and IBO Middleweight Titles on the line against American Curtis Stevens in Madison Square Garden New York.

Golovkin is the overwhelming favorite going into the bout with Stevens and for good reason, ever since capturing the WBA Title in 2010 Golovkin has ran threw all his opponents with ease winning all of his 11 World Title bouts inside the distance. In his latest contest the Kazakh would come up against his toughest opponent to date in Irishmen Mathew Macklin, Golovkin dominated the action from the opening bell stopping Macklin in the 3rd round with a viscous hook to the body. Going into this bout on Saturday night i can only see another KO being added to Golovkin's record. Stevens has never competed at this level before, and i personally believe this will be the major factor in securing the American's fate.

Prediction: Golovkin via KO

The First Class Boxing Team Give Their Predictions For The Two Biggest Fights In Boxing This Saturday Mayweather/Canelo And Garcia/Matthysse

The First Class Boxing team take a look at two of the biggest fights in boxing taking place this Saturday. Floyd "Money" Mayweather Vs. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Danny "Swift" Garcia Vs. Lucas "The Machine" Matthysse, and give our predictions.

Let us know if you agree or disagree by tweeting us @firstclassbox.

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Saul Alvarez

Andrew McCart: I believe this fight is happening one or two years too soon for Canelo. That being said, I still believe Canelo will be Mayweather's toughest test to date. The young Mexican will come out the traps hard, fast and aggressive. He may just take some if the early rounds, but it doesn't take Mayweather long to work his opponents out, and by the middle rounds we will see Mayweather use his speed and footwork, like he always does, to escape from Canelo and land that sweet right hand. I see Mayweather winning by a split decision.

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather by SD.

Paul Webb: The biggest fight since Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather 6 years ago sees the winner on that night take on the next big thing to come out Mexico in a fight that has been hyped, discussed, argued about since it was announced 3 months ago. For me Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez represents Floyd's toughest challenge in a long time but a challenge I expect him to rise to. Alvarez come forward aggressive style is nothing the unbeaten Mayweather hasn't seen before and I expect him to pick Alvarez apart in the middle and late rounds winning a wide UD. Can Alvarez hurt Floyd? Yes but will he get close enough to do damage not in my opinion.

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather by UD.

Dallas Orysiuk: If Canelo were to beat Mayweather it would be by knockout. However, I don't see this happening; Mayweather has too muchskill, too much experience. Mayweather is almost 37, but he doesn't look to have slowed down, while Canelo is only 23, inexperienced and really only has one significant victory (against Austin Trout) under his belt. In a year or two, I would give Canelo a greater shot, but as of right now I see Mayweatherwinning relatively easily. Canelo has an advantage in size and power, but has issues with stamina and is slow on his feet. Look for Mayweather to implement a similar strategy to the Guerrero fight, using his footwork to escape Canelo's attack landing pot shots all night. Based on aggression, Alvarez will win a couple rounds early on, but look for Mayweather to adapt, Canelo to tire, withMayweather cruising to a UD. Because I think Alvarez will gas, and Mayweather seems extremely motivated for this fight, there is the chance for Mayweather winning by a late round TKO.

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather by UD.

Sean Spence: After coming off the best win of his career Alvarez will come out the traps fast and try take it to Mayweather but I think he will also try and display some neat boxing skills to match Floyds. These efforts should be mostly futile as the 'pretty boy' should be too cute and wiley for his brave efforts. Mayweather to win a clear points decision and further his legacy.

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather by UD.

Andrew Graves: On the 14th of September the biggest names in all of boxing will do battle to see who is "The One". Unbeaten pound for pound the best fighter in the world Floyd Mayweather, will take on undefeated 23 year old rising star Canelo Alvarez. But who's 0 will go? I personally think this bout may just be a little bit to early for the Mexican stepping in the ring against the best in Mayweather. Mayweather in his last bout against Guerrero dominated and won nearly every single round proving age will not a be factor going into this bout. I'm going for a Mayweather UD victory but do think the American will be knocked down for the first time in his career.

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather by UD.

Robert Moore: I expect Floyd Mayweather to make it another day at the office, i know some may scoff at that remark but i like to go with the saying of "tried & tested" i find it hard to argue with facts floyd is simply a cut above his competitors Im going with a points victory for money!

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather by UD.

Danny Garcia Vs. Lucas Matthysse

Andrew McCart: I'm going to keep this short, as I only see one winner, Lucas Matthysse. Both fighters will start well, but once Matthysse finds his range, I see him hurting Garcia and with his killer instinct, I feel Matthysse will stop Garcia in the middle rounds.

Prediction: Lucas Matthysse by KO.

Paul Webb: This fight could overshadow the main event, it has all the ingredients, two big power punchers, both men look for the knockout but are capable of winning over a distance. A lot of people see Matthyse walking through the younger Garcia but I disagree with that theory. Garcia has been the underdog on several occasions but so far has always found a way to win, I don't think it will be a knockout that decides this fight instead I see Garcia outworking the Argentinian down the stretch and winning a close but unanimous decision.

Prediction: Danny Garcia by UD.

Dallas Orysiuk: This is a tough fight that I could see going either way. But my heart says Matthysse. Both guys have good wins over quality opposition, and both guys have their strength. Both fighters have power, but Matthysse has the advantage here and this is what I see being the difference in this fight. Neither guy is a defensive wizard that's why I see Matthysse being able to hurt Garcia. Matthysse is motivated, he's hungry, and he has been training hard. Lucas Matthysse cancelled out on the press conference so he could focus on training, and I see his strength, hunger and will power being too strong. Matthysse has a great killer instinct, and once he has Garcia hurt, look for him to finish the job. Lucas Matthysse mid/late round (rounds 6-9) TKO/KO.

Prediction: Lucas Matthysse by KO.

Sean Spence: Garcia probably will, and should, try box Matthysse and steal the early rounds. I think he may get caught up in some fierce exchanges with the Argentinian banger down the stretch and this will make the fight closer. Aslong as Matthysse doesn't land anything massive then Garcia should escape with a close points decision after maybe facing some rocky moments.

Prediction: Danny Garcia by UD.

Andrew Graves: On the undercard of Mayweather/Canelo, 12.5 pounds south of them, Danny Garcia will put his WBO WBC and Ring Lightweight Title on the line against devastating puncher and number 1 contender Lucas Matthysse. The champ goes in to the bout without a blemish on his record stacking up an impressive resume of 26-0 his biggest wins coming against Kendall Holt, Erik Morales (twice), Amir Khan, and most recently Zab Judah. I just think Garcia may have bitten of more than he can chew against Matthysse after the Argentine destroyed Lamont Peterson within three rounds. Garcia has proven he isn't the hardest boxer to hit and with Matthysse's concussive punches I think Matthysse will stop the champion within 4 rounds and become the undisputed champ of 140lbs.

Prediction: Lucas Matthysse by KO.

Robert Moore: Do not be shocked when i tell people "I told you so" come september 15th the morning of the night before i believe Danny Garcia will KO Lucas Matthysse so many people have written Garcia off the kid keeps proving them wrong!

Prediction: Danny Garcia by KO.

Let us know your predictions for both fights. Leave us a comment or tweet us @firstclassbox.

Ricky Burns/Raymundo Beltran Fight Prediction From FCBoxing Team

The First Class Boxing team take a look at the WBO Lightweight title fight against Ricky Burns and Raymundo Beltran this Saturday, and give our predictions. Let us know if you agree or disagree by tweeting us at @firstclassbox.

Ricky Burns Vs Raymundo Beltran

Andrew McCart: My prediction is Ricky Burns by late stoppage. Burns has a great engine and a good strong jab and will use it to control the fight from the start. Beltran will come forward, trying to dictate the pace of the fight. However, Ricky will use his jab along with some discouraging but hard body shots, which will begin to slow the tough Mexican down, and although his heart will keep him on his feet, the referee will step in and call halt to the fight in the late rounds.

Paul Webb:

Dallas Orysiuk: Although Ricky Burns looked far from spectacular in his last fight, I got Burns winning the majority of the rounds. After his poor performance against Gonzalez, Burns will be motivated to put on a good show. Beltran will have some moments, but Ricky Burns has too much heart, skill, and greater experience beating better boxers. Burns by UD.

Sean Spence: Beltran comes with plenty of ambition and brings the best out in the Rickster. Burns wins a comprehensive points decision though, with some exciting exchanges in the middle rounds.

Robert Moore: Ricky Burns vs Raymundo Beltran is a very intriguing fight in my opinion both are proven top class operators but with all respect i think burns has the better chin and bigger heart I'm going Burns on UD, but don't be shocked if Ricky stops Beltran late on in a hard fought fight.

Andrew Graves: Burns has so much to prove after his last performance I just think he is going to relish this opportunity and put on a great show for the home town crowd. Dominate the early rounds behind his jab and use his footwork he showed in the Kevin Mitchell fight. I think Beltran's best chance of winning the bout is to drag Burns into a toe to toe war like The Mexican has in his 3 previous fights. But I still don't think this will be enough to take the belt away from the Scotsman. Burns proved in his last fight against Gonzalez he has a iron chin and isn't afraid to box aggressively when he needs to. I am going for Burns to win in via Unanimous Decision in impressive fashion.